Over the front

Over the front

Australians played a part in aviation’s remarkable advancement during the First World War. In the clear skies over the Western Front in France and in the Middle East, young men fought in flimsy machines of wood, canvas, and wire. This exhibition brings history to life with a range of extraordinary and original aircraft and an exciting visual depiction of military flight.  Five aircraft are featured: three Allied types (SE5a fighter, Airco DH9 bomber, Avro 504K trainer) and two rare German fighter planes (Albatros D.Va. and Pfalz D.XII, both originally brought to Australia in 1919).

Collection items including the left boot of Baron von Richthofen (also known as The Red Baron) are displayed within the space telling the personal stories of some of the pilots that fought in the Great War in the air.

Sound-and-light show screens each hour at quarter past the hour. 

A view of the Over the front: the great war in the air exhibition in Anzac Hall. On the floor on the left is the Avro 504K trainer. The SE5a fighter is in the middle. On the right, closest to the camera, is the Albatros D.Va.

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Over the Front - original aircraft footage (b&w, silent)

Time Lapse of the construction of Over the Front

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