Wartime Issue 5

Summer 1999

  • From the Director.  
    A message from the director of the Australian War Memorial
  • "It's great to say, 'remember when...'" by Carolyn Newman.  
    Women's recollections of service life - from the Memorial's new Second World War exhibition
  • Names, faces and stories by Peter Stanley.  
    Four stories from the Memorial's new Second World War exhibition
  • The remains of the day by Anne-Marie Conde and Chris Goddard.  
    A boat and a diary from the landings on Gallipoli
  • "Rendering them safe" by Peter Stanley.  
    RANVR mine disposal officers in Britain
  • The Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour online by Louise Burmester.  
    The first step is a planned series of online services to be offered by the Memorial
  • Education section by Jo Pillinger.  
    A doctor's prisoner-of-war diary
  • "A triumph of ingenuity and delivery" by Garth Pratten.  
    The Australian jeep trains of British North Borneo
  • Len Siffleet and the Whiting Mission by Garth Pratten.  
    In 1943 Len Siffleet was sent on a reconnaissance mission to New Guinea. He was betrayed and executed.
  • Defenders of Newcastle by Richard Brown.  
    The tank traps of Belmont
  • Australians in BCOF by Peter Londey.  
    The British Commonwealth Occupation Force comes face to face with the Japanese on their home ground
  • Confrontation by Peter Edwards.  
    Australia's curios war of diplomacy in South-East Asia in the 1960's
  • Lucky Beggars by Philippa Martyr.  
    Australia's disabled veterans after the Great War
  • "Men of a service" by Don Fraser.  
    Australia's merchant seamen performed wartime duties unseen by the general public
  • Address by Sir William Deane       
    The unveiling of the merchant seamen memorial at the Australian War Memorial
  • New items in the collection by Jane Peek.  
    The Blackburn VC
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews.