Reflections   Steve Gower

The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses what’s happening at the Memorial


Korea Peter Londey and Benjamin Evans

Australians were in at the start of the Korean War

Timor Art Kelly Squires and Tina Mattei

Australia's first official artists since the Vietnam War

5/7 RAR in Timor Peter Londey

Portrait of a peacekeeping battalion

Bridge at Selali John Wells

A new year brings hopes of peace

Guerillas in Timor Emma Robertson

A company of Australian guerillas made life hard for 15,000 Japanese

Moth Eaton Mitch Williamson

One man and an island

Pompey Elliott in the Boer War Ross McMullin

For a future commander, South Africa did not provide quite the war he had imagined

Australia's Vietnam War Peter Edwards

Australia's war in Vietnam wasn't quite the same as America's

Washington Wall Peter Edwards

"Australian" in US Memorial

One less loose soul Carla Schmidt

Unknown no more

Massacre at Wadi Fara Ian Hodges

A retreating army is detroyed from the air

Michael Sheehan Peter Stanley

A typical individual

Female tank Gary Oakley

Even a tank could sink into the mud of the Western Front

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