Wartime Issue 14

Autumn 2001

Desert Gems

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses what's happening at the Memorial
  • The legacy of Chunuk Bair by J Colin Townsend.  
    To Kiwis, more important than 25 April 1915
  • ANZACs in Iraq by Chris Coulthard-Clark.  
    Two airmen in the cradle of civilisation
  • Kiwis in ANZAC by Frank Glen.  
    What it means today
  • They still bring flowers by Judy Cannon.  
    ANZAC Day in a British village
  • Malta's AIF connection by R.S. Billett.  
    1,200 who did not come home
  • Captive cartography by Dianne Rutherford.  
    Second World War escape maps
  • Mishaps and misadventures by Moreen Dee.  
    Australians in the Boxer Rebellion
  • Middleton, VC by Murray McLeod.  
  • Echoes of Thermopylae by Ross Lloyd.  
    Brallos Pass
  • Desert gems by Betty Snowden.  
    George Lambert paints Palestine
  • A story that must be told by Sarah Kearney.  
    Prize-winning essay
  • Sideshow in Dublin by Georgina Fitzpatrick.  
    Easter Rising, 1916
  • Kangaroo feathers by Peter Aitken.  
    Mystique of the Light Horse
  • Army Centenary Parade.      
    Celebrating 100 years of service
  • Australians at war by Peter Stanley.  
    The making of the film
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews

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