Reflections Steve Gower

The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment


Mail Call

Moment of sacrifice Chris Davidson

A dramatic second in the exploits of Bomber Command is frozen on film.

Tet turning point Chris Coulthard-Clark

One event broke the military deadlock and changed the Vietnam War.

Myths of the Vietnam War Lex McAulay

There are many stories but they are not all true.

Kokoda heroes David Horner

The Japanese threat to Australia was exposed in the jungles of Papua.

Kokoda: a forgotten tragedy Steve Bullard

The attackers faced unexpected problems along the Kokoda Trail.

Roff’s war Chris Goddard

The Australians were surprised when they captured a wayward German messenger in 1918.

When art became a weapon Ann Elias

Australian camouflage techniques in the South-West Pacific in 1943 became text-book achievements.

Hero four times over Graeme Beveridge

A humble stretcher-bearer with the AIF became a hero four times over.

The loss of HMAS Yarra Daniel Oakman

The attack of a small convoy in March 1942 produced one of the bravest acts in our military history.

A ‘damnable struggle’ for hope Nola Anderson

Ray Parkin battled the odds to record some of the finer aspects of the Burma– Thailand Railway.

How Grady cleared the gun David Pearson

One man’s bravery during the Crimean War.

Australia’s ‘urgent imperial service’ Daniel Oakman

The AN&MEF in the Great War.

Were they the first? Robin Pennock

The war arrived in South Australia when mine clearance men were killed in 1941.

Australians in the Berlin Airlift Chris Coulthard-Clark

The RAF was short of experienced aircrew for a mammoth air airlift and welcomed an offer of help.

War brides break barriers Keiko Tamura

After 50 years, a loyal group of women have established new bonds.

Art and war in Japan Charlotte Sarossy

A 17-year-old artist’s view of Pearl Harbor.

One man’s war in New Guinea Josh Brown

Prize-winning essay.


An air gunner’s letter to his father.

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