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    Reflections Steve Gower
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment


    Mail Call

    War without boundaries Peter Londey
    As the world changes and becomes even more dangerous, Australians have been fighting in a new kind of war.

    The Hook Brad Manera
    Fifty years ago the last Australian action of the Korean War was fought.

    Pozières hell Peter Burness
    The tragic story of Captain David Twining.

    ANZAC Day VC at Villers-Bretonneux Brad Manera
    Two awards for bravery in a courageous counter-attack on 25 April 1918.

    Bare Back Mike Cecil
    An old warhorse finds a home at the Memorial.

    Death in the minefield Ashley Ekins
    Australia’s biggest blunder of the Vietnam War, the “barrier minefield”, resulted in distressing casualties.

    FSB role in ‘mini-Tet’ Chris Clark
    The largest regimental-scale action involving Australians since the Second World War was staged in May 1968.

    A born horseman Humphrey McQueen
    Tom Roberts’s portrait of Sergeant Fraser of the NSW Mounted Rifles.

    At the tip of the javelin Ian Hodges
    Only the best were hand-picked for the Dam Busters aircrew and among them were several Australians.

    Geoffrey Mainwaring – war artist Lee Kinsella
    One of Australia’s most prolific official war artists of the Second World War.

    The long tow home Richard Pelvin
    HMAS Vendetta’s return to Australia after the fall of Singapore.

    Arnall’s folly Chris Clark
    After an ill-fated bayonet charge, Australians resorted to subterranean warfare at Gallipoli.

    The first shot Colin Jones
    Australia’s first shot of the Great War was fired against a German ship in Port Philip bay.

    The missing bodies Tom Lewis
    Wild claims of thousands killed during the first Japanese raids on Darwin debunked.

    Silt Spur – anatomy of a demonstration James Hurst
    Action on Gallipoli.

    Eyewitness: HMAS Australia to the rescue Mackenzie Gregory
    An Australian sailor recalls the rescue of a downed Sunderland flying boat in the North Atlantic.

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