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Capture of the Amiens gun Robert Nichols

The 85th anniversary of the battle of Amiens, when Australia’s greatest First World War trophy was captured.

The Gallipoli sword Chris Clark

Does it exist? It did, but it was not what people believed.

MIAs or ‘no known grave’ Ashley Ekins

Six men from the Vietnam War.

Recall of the Saigon Guard Brad Manera

Thirty years ago, the Saigon Guard left Vietnam.

Women at war Elizabeth Stewart

Nurses were not the only Australian women to experience the demands and trauma of the Vietnam War.

The Nauru connection Michael Pretes

A tiny island near the equator has given Australia more than a strategic advantage.

New Guinea offensives Peter Stanley

The Allied push to victory in New Guinea.

Tragedy at Jackson’s Strip Phillip Bradley

A crashed bomber causes havoc in Port Moresby.

Burma–Thailand railway Ian Hodges and Daniel Oakman

A photo-essay on this infamous Second World War railway built by prisoners of war.

The capture of Company 621 Ian Kelly

The capture of Rommel’s intelligence company near El Alamein in 1942 was a key event in the war in North Africa, but even today, little is known of this vital action.

Gulf War, 1941 Richard Pelvin

Iran was in the sights of the original HMS Kanimbla.

The broken chain Peter Burness

“ E for Easy” was widely regarded as the most damaged plane in Bomber Command to have made it back from an operation.

The Krait Brad Manera

Operation Jaywick – the raid on Singapore in 1943.

A new kind of digger Craig Wilcox

An archaeological dig in Northern Australia.

To war with a pen Daniel Oakman

Osmar White joined the army to fight Nazi and Japanese expansionism but his publisher had other thoughts.

Bushmaster Michael Cecil

A historic vehicle comes to the Memorial.

Essay: My great uncle Amy Westcott

Prize-winning contribution from ten-year-old student Amy Westcott.

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