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    Reflections Helen Withnell
    The Acting Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment


    Mail Call

    The last raid John White
    Beauforts in the last RAAF action of the war.

    The ‘lucky’ ship Robert Nichols
    The RAN’s last major action of the war.

    Soldier of ‘utmost courage’: Diver Derrick Peter Stanley
    Tarakan was one of the final bloody campaigns of the Pacific war.

    DISCUSSION: The end of the war Garth Pratten, Tom Lewis and Chris Clark
    Eminent historians respond to our questions.

    DISCUSSION: Dropping the bomb Gar Alperovitz, Peter Stanley and Teruko Blair
    On the 60th anniversary two historians and a Hiroshima survivor reflect on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Winning the peace Craig Wilcox
    How the war changed Australia.

    Accepting the Japanese surrender Eric Carpenter
    An iconic photograph reveals an Australian commander’s attitudes toward his foe.

    The humiliation of defeat Steven Bullard
    A Japanese surrender on Bougainville.

    Ambush at Manggar Mark Johnston
    Grim fighting at Balikpapan in the final days of the war.

    The birth of a remarkable institution Peter Londey
    The San Francisco UN conference, 1945.

    Roy and Nancy Vanessa Seekee
    The only wedding in the Torres Strait during the Second World War.

    Code war Chris Clark
    The story of Central Bureau.

    The campaign for Crete: May 1941 Al Palazzo
    A brief but vicious battle.

    Looking back Carla Marchant
    A Canberra artist offers a retrospective interpretation.

    Traitor or unsung patriot Steven Bullard
    Court martial of an Australian for treachery at the end of the war.

    Eyewitness: ‘If you didn’t scrounge, you died’
    Eddie Gilbert recalls his time in Tan Tui prisoner-of-war camp.

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