Wartime Issue 33

Summer 2006

Sport in a time of War

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Sport and war by Rebecca Britt.  
    After capturing the nation’s admiration, athletes were targeted for recruitment into service during the First World War.
  • Canberra air crash: Tragedy at home by Daniel Oakman.  
    An air disaster in 1940 had a long-term effect on Australia and the Australian government during the Second World War.
  • Adelaide River insight by Claire Baddeley.  
    A “visual reporter’s” unique record of military medical services in the Top End.
  • Melancholy duty by Michael Richards.  
    An exhibition at Old Parliament House tells a story often overlooked in accounts of the Second World War: Australia’s Parliament in wartime.
  • The night the war came to Sydney by Robert Nichols.  
    Three Japanese midget submarines raided the harbour in 1942.
  • The man behind the man behind the gun by Anne-Marie Condé.  
    Not all valuable service in the First World War was at the front.
  • 8 August 1918: The battle won by Peter Burness.  
    A stunningly successful counter-offensive.
  • Digging for ‘Victory by Robyn Van Dyk.  
    Supplying food was vital to Australia’s military success in the Second World War. Many people on the home front responded with enthusiasm.
  • New dimension to iconic painting by John Perryman.  
    Charles Bryant’s painting does more than simply capture the exploits of AE2 “running amok” in the Sea of Marmora.
  • A ‘prend’ indeed by Karl James.  
    Two Australian airmen crash-landed into the guerrilla war on Bougainville.
  • Trench warfare 101: Training at the Bustard trenches by Michael Molkentin.  
    Realistic training in Britain prepared Australian troops for the reality of war on the Western Front.
  • The Dunkirk doll by Jane Peek and Anne-Marie Condé.  
    An intriguing mystery remains unsolved.
  • Kashmir Inc. by Daniel Flitton.  
    Forty years ago, Brian Molloy’s idea to privatise Kashmir may have seemed a stunt.
  • Return to Vietnam by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Vietnam veterans revisit their former battlefield 40 years ago.
  • What should an Australian soldier wear? by Craig Wilcox.  
    The dress debate continued for decades and is still a talking point.
  • Eyewitness: A WAAF in Bomber Command by Sheilah Cruickshank.  
    A former WAAF officer recalls life supporting the Australian squadrons flying Lancasters on bombing missions over Europe.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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