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Reflections Steve Gower
The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment

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Sport and war Rebecca Britt
After capturing the nation’s admiration, athletes were targeted for recruitment into service during the First World War.

Canberra air crash: Tragedy at home Daniel Oakman
An air disaster in 1940 had a long-term effect on Australia and the Australian government during the Second World War.

Adelaide River insight Claire Baddeley
A “visual reporter’s” unique record of military medical services in the Top End.

Melancholy duty Michael Richards
An exhibition at Old Parliament House tells a story often overlooked in accounts of the Second World War: Australia’s Parliament in wartime.

The night the war came to Sydney Robert Nichols
Three Japanese midget submarines raided the harbour in 1942.

The man behind the man behind the gun Anne-Marie Condé
Not all valuable service in the First World War was at the front.

8 August 1918: The battle won Peter Burness
A stunningly successful counter-offensive.

Digging for ‘Victory’ Robyn Van Dyk
Supplying food was vital to Australia’s military success in the Second World War. Many people on the home front responded with enthusiasm.

New dimension to iconic painting John Perryman
Charles Bryant’s painting does more than simply capture the exploits of AE2 “running amok” in the Sea of Marmora.

A ‘prend’ indeed Karl James
Two Australian airmen crash-landed into the guerrilla war on Bougainville.

Trench warfare 101: Training at the Bustard trenches Michael Molkentin
Realistic training in Britain prepared Australian troops for the reality of war on the Western Front.

The Dunkirk doll Jane Peek and Anne-Marie Condé
An intriguing mystery remains unsolved.

Kashmir Inc. Daniel Flitton
Forty years ago, Brian Molloy’s idea to privatise Kashmir may have seemed a stunt.

Return to Vietnam Elizabeth Stewart
Vietnam veterans revisit their former battlefield 40 years ago.

What should an Australian soldier wear? Craig Wilcox
The dress debate continued for decades and is still a talking point.

Eyewitness: A WAAF in Bomber Command
A former WAAF officer recalls life
supporting the Australian squadrons flying
Lancasters on bombing missions over Europe.
Sheilah Cruickshank

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