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    Reflections Steve Gower
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment

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    Australian history is peppered with stories of brilliant military leadership, of the qualities that have made Australians follow another into battle, and of the individuals who have won the respect of the military and civilians alike. This Wartime special section recalls some of those leaders and their impact on Australia's military achievements.

    • Professional men of war by Garth Pratten
    • 'Misfit' officer in charge of 'misfit' men by Alan Gill
    • Dedication of the veteran's grave by Keith Hooper
    • Friendly aliens by Walter Kudrycz
    • Persuader for lasting peace by John Connor
    • The battle of Bardia by Peter Burness
    • 'True' fighting commander by Nigel Steel
    • Air commander by John White
    • 'American' hero by John Bradford

    Camera at war
    The Australian War Memorial is custodian of a million official and unofficial photographs, 200 of which have been brought together in a remarkable new book, Contact: photographs from the Australian War Memorial collection, by Curator of Photographs Shaune Lakin. This photo-essay is drawn from images featured in Contact and is eloquent testimony to Australia’s experience of war from 1917 to 2006.

    To Amman with the 6th Regiment Jean Bou
    The first trans-Jordan Raid of 1918 proved to be a costly expedition for one Light Horse regiment.

    Pin-up girl Madeline Hamilton
    The photograph of a young Australian bride was a comfort for lonely servicemen missing home.

    Breaking the mould of uniformity John Perryman
    The RAN’s unofficial badges reflect the spirit of the men.

    Thanbyuzayat Chris Winslow
    On the forgotten side of the “Death Railway”, 1,300 Australians share a lonely final resting place.

    Ugly duckling Karl James
    Designed by an army engineer, the Crusader was the oddest vessel operated by the Australian army.

    Winged Demons Warwick Heywood and Walter Kudrycz
    The mystery behind a recent Australian War Memorial poster acquisition could be explained by an artist’s taste for “beauty”.

    Eyewitness Ron McCrindle
    Samichon Valley, 12–13 September 1952.

    A mystery solved Robert Nichols
    The third Japanese midget submarine that raided Sydney Harbour in 1942 has been finally located off Sydney’s northern beaches.

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