From the Director
A message from the director of the Australian War Memorial

The last shots: the capture of Montbrehain, 1918 Peter Burness
The last important action of the AIF in WWI

The end of the Great War Ashley Ekins
Australian soldiers and the armistice of November 1918

Within sight of home Daryl Kelly
Pte Richard Warne lost his final battle in his mothers' arms

"That magnificent tribute of devotion" Robert Pounds
Four First World War veterans return to France

Reflection - northern France July, 1918 James Curran
The sacrifice made by Australians is still remembered in France

War memorials in the Australian landscape Ken Inglis

Norman Dalgleish Ross McMullin
"Duty done with last breath"

Education section Jo Pillinger
Do you know your local war memorial, and how many different kinds of memorials there are?

Education section Graham Clews
Making history out of memories: doing "oral history"

Defence ministers in Khaki Chris Coulthard-Clark
Politicians in uniform

A politician's revolver R.C.H Courtney
A revolver of historical interest is acquired by the Memorial

Behind the image of Australians in Vietnam: Operation Ulmara Ben Evans

Into Africa Joseph Stokes
A soldier returns to the Western Front

Tonga: the mouse that roared Laurie Barber
When war broke out in 1939, Tonga's resources were placed at Britain's disposal

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How to subscribe to Wartime

Borneo burlesque Alexandra Torrens
A group of officers made it their mission to uphold the morale of Australian POWs in Borneo

"Huzza, my boys, for Botany Bay" Peter Stanley
The soldiers' farewell. An insight into the lives of soldiers posted to the colony of NSW

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AWM guide
Finding your way around the Australian War Memorial

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