Wartime Issue 41

Summer 2008

Conflicts: 1945 to today

In 1945, with the end of the Second World War and the creation of the United Nations, many people were optimistic that the world was entering a new era of peace. For Australia the following decades were a time of great prosperity.

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Australia's other Asian Wars by Karl James.  
    Australians have been serving in south-east Asia for over a decade before the Vietnam War
  • Suffer little children by Nigel Steel.  
    During the Korean War, thousands were forced from their homes and became refugees
  • One 'Nasho's' war by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Despite the anguish, Richard Barry viewed national service as a privilege
  • Impressions of Peacekeeping by Ian Hodges.  
    A new exhibit commemorates the thousands of Australians who have worked to bring safety to some of the most dangerous places on earth
  • A model gift by Steve Bullard.  
    An innocent request had a prolonged sequel
  • Hugh and Harry by Norman H. Young.  
    An act of kindness in 1942 forged a link with a father who died for his country
  • The desert campaign by Peter Burness.  
    Throughout the First World War the Australian Light Horse was central to British successes in the Sinai and in Palestine and Syria
  • Conspicuous gallantry by David Stewart.  
    In the heroic charge of the Australian Light Horse against Beersheba, Major James Lawson led the way
  • Eloquent silence by Elizabeth Williamson.  
    A simple idea began a tradition that honours the sacrifices of war
  • Bridging the divide by Josephine Kildea.  
    Miss Chomley kept prisoners of war and their families in touch
  • With grateful thanks... by Joanne Smedley.  
    Dogged detective work adds personalities to rare photographs
  • Taking it on the road by Sven Knudsen.  
    For ten years the Memorial has been taking the National Collection to Australians far and wide
  • Who was the man with the donkey? by Emily Robertson.  
    A recent sale has re-ignited a decades old debate about a famous painting
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news

WARTIME Issue 41 - 2008

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