Wartime Issue 46

Autumn 2009

Donaldson VC: Exclusive Interview

  • ‘Recock and refigure’ by Peter Pedersen. 
    Australia’s latest VC winner recently spoke to Memorial historians about his experiences in Afghanistan. 
  • History under fire by Ashley Ekins.
    On the topic of injuries and wounds in military history.
  • The Victoria Cross in Australia by Peter Burness.  
    The award for valour has a distinguished history.
  • From Howse to Donaldson by Peter Pedersen.  
    For many years some acts of great bravery under fire did not count when it came to awarding Victoria Crosses.
  • Cool art from a hot zone by Warwick Heywood.  
    Two war artists have produced original creations from the current war zones.
  • Habbaniya Cemetery’s Australian connections by Marcus Fielding.  
    The Australian war graves at Habbaniya reflect the long struggles of Iraqi history.
  • Tools of the trade by Garth O’Connell.  
    Weapons and equipment used – or faced – by Australian forces in the Middle East are new, advanced and hi-tech.
  • The arms of black melancholy by Aaron Pegram.  
    Australian prisoners captured on the Western Front in April 1917 were subjected to brutal German treatment.
  • Gallipoli’s first day by Harvey Broadbent.  
    Research by Macquarie University and the Australian War Memorial into Turkish archives is revealing new evidence about the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Australians over Dieppe by Andrew Arthy.  
    In August 1942 two Australian fighter pilots took part in the hectic air fighting over Dieppe.
  • A letter from Long Tan by Chris Roberts.  
    The story behind the making of a stunning new film in the Vietnam War gallery.
  • Masters of the static war by Susan Ramage.  
    Remembering Ian Hutchison and 1RAR, Korea 1951–52.
  • ‘I’d had it in mind...’ by Andrew Jack.  
    How a tree from Lone Pine came to be at the Memorial.
  • Pigeons in the Second World War by Andrew Gray.  
    The exploits of these birds even won them awards.
  • Plus regular features including Reflections, Mail Call and Book Reviews

WARTIME Issue 46 - 2009

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