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    Gallipoli: the August Offensive
    The events between the 1915 Gallipoli landings and the final evacuation have been largely overlooked. This issue sets out to redress this imbalance.

    A chain of disasters
    The battle at Lone Pine was only part ofa series of attacks in August 1915.

    The August offensive at ANZAC
    A re-examination of the strategy behind these famous battles.

    Bloody Ridge: the assault on Lone Pine
    Questions remain over whether the seizing of Lone Pine was a tragic miscalculation.

    Chunuk Bair: A New Zealand epic
    The New Zealanders’ assault on Chunuk Bair was not a lost opportunity.

    Gallipoli revisited: a journey to the battlefields, 1919
    When the war was over, Charles Bean’s major work was just beginning.

    Nolan: the first great drama
    A little-known series of paintings on the Gallipoli campaign was inspired by the story of ancient Greek heroes.

    A quiet hero
    Already a hero of the Antarctic, a gifted man’s life was wasted at Gallipoli.
    By Peter Burness

    The Agent Orange story is not over
    Sceptics should not be allowed the last word on the medical problems of Vietnam veterans.
    By Graham Walker

    Not all heroes
    Determined to be a part of the Great War, Trooper Britten of the 8th Light Horse Regiment had a brief but troubled life of military indiscipline.
    By Michael Hammerston

    The spirit of the bayonet
    An outdated weapon still played an important psychological role during the First World War.
    By Aaron Pegram

    Out of the line of fire
    Some of our best-known artists took part in a unique training scheme after the Second World War.
    By Deborah Beck

    An Australian ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’
    A little-known group of Chinese spies, organised and led by an Australian, operated behind Japanese lines in occupied China during the Second World War.
    By Stuart Braga

    Shooting gallery: G-George over Germany
    Letters from Adrian Marks, a crew member on a Lancaster bomber, tell of the drama of bombing raids over Germany.

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