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Victory and defeat:The Australian experience, 1939–41, p. 11
The Australian experience in the first years of the Second World War: on the ground, in the air and at sea, in victory and in defeat.

How Bardia was won, p. 12
The myths of Australian invincibility should give way to better-informed explanations.
By Craig Stockings

"The kind eyelids of night hid my tears’, p. 18
A letter by Dr Tom Selby gives an insight into the human side of the Australian victory at Bardia.

Artist in the aftermath, p. 24
Ivor Hele’s immense canvas provides a valuable record of the evacuation of Greece in 1941.
By Lola Wilkins

Heroes of Tobruk, p. 28
The Australians demonstrated determination and courage at Tobruk and showed that aggressive patrolling was the best form of defence.
By Peter Burness

The first kill, p. 34
No. 10 Squadron, RAAF, was the first Australian unit to go to war in 1939 and quickly went into action, hunting German U-boats.
By Karl James

Recovering the past, p. 40
Finding lost wrecks is also a way of honouring those who served in them.
By John Perryman

‘Tell her the baker’s enlisted’, p. 43
From old recordings, members of the Second AIF recall their departure for the Middle East in 1940.
By Martin Hadlow

A tale of two weddings, p 46
Many couples decided to marry before the war could sweep them apart.
By Rebecca Britt

Here is their spirit, p. 52
An address given by General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (Ret’d) at the Australian War Memorial on Remembrance Day, 2009.

Doughboys and the breaking of the Hindenburg Line, p. 56
The Americans may have been green, but they were splendid men.
By Mitchell Yockelson

Flying close to the sun, p. 62
Australian pilots in the North Africa campaign improvised and lived rough in desert conditions.
By Ken Peacock


  • Reflections: Comments from Australian War Memorial Director Steve Gower, p. 4
  • Mail call, p. 6
  • Briefing: Military snippets, p. 8
  • Who? What? Where? When? Can you provide information? p. 9
  • Military intelligence: A test of your knowledge, p. 67
  • Australian War Memorial news, p. 68
  • Book reviews, p. 70
  • Friends of the Memorial, p. 74