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    From the Director
    A message from the director of the Australian War Memorial

    "It's great to say, 'remember when...'" Carolyn Newman
    Women's recollections of service life - from the Memorial's new Second World War exhibition

    Names, faces and stories Peter Stanley
    Four stories from the Memorial's new Second World War exhibition

    The remains of the day Anne-Marie Conde and Chris Goddard
    A boat and a diary from the landings on Gallipoli

    "Rendering them safe" Peter Stanley
    RANVR mine disposal officers in Britain

    The Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour online Louise Burmester
    The first step is a planned series of online services to be offered by the Memorial

    Education section Jo Pillinger
    A doctor's prisoner-of-war diary

    "A triumph of ingenuity and delivery" Garth Pratten
    The Australian jeep trains of British North Borneo

    Len Siffleet and the Whiting Mission Garth Pratten
    In 1943 Len Siffleet was sent on a reconnaissance mission to New Guinea. He was betrayed and executed.

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    How to subscribe

    Defenders of Newcastle Richard Brown
    The tank traps of Belmont

    Australians in BCOF Peter Londey
    The British Commonwealth Occupation Force comes face to face with the Japanese on their home ground

    Confrontation Peter Edwards
    Australia's curios war of diplomacy in South-East Asia in the 1960's

    Lucky Beggars Philippa Martyr
    Australia's disabled veterans after the Great War

    "Men of a service" Don Fraser
    Australia's merchant seamen performed wartime duties unseen by the general public

    Address by Sir William Deane
    The unveiling of the merchant seamen memorial at the Australian War Memorial

    New items in the collection Jane Peek
    The Blackburn VC

    Book and film reviews

    AWM guide
    Finding your way around the Australian War Memorial

    AWM news

    Letters to the editor

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