Wartime Issue 54


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The Great siege

Tobruk's defiant defenders withstood repeated enemy attack, endured searing heat and dust storms, and created a legend.
By Karl James

The Grecian disaster

The ill-fated Greek campaign was one long withdrawal.
By Karl James

Unacknowledged heroes

Australians made a valiant contribution to the air war over Greece.
By Greg Gilbert

Courage amid chaos

The Greek people supported Australian troops through the harshest times.
By Maria Hill

The personal view

Changes in technology aided the vision of war photographer George Silk.
By Ally Roche

Jump onto Retimo airfield

German paratroopers in Crete got more than they bargained for.
By Brad Manera

A star over Crete?

Recognition for service on Crete has been a complex and sensitive issue.
By Anthony Staunton

Operation demon

The evacuation of Greece was a tough test for the Australian navy.
By Richard Pelvin


Tragedy of two brothers

Their letters reveal extraordinary deeds by ordinary soldiers in the Great War.
By Peter Burness

War artist at work

Frank Norton captured the act of serving in war.
By Bridie Macgillicuddy

Out from the trenches

Varied fates awaited Victoria Cross-holders when they returned to civilian life after the Great War.
By Craig Blanche

Australia's newest Victoria Cross

Another story emerges from Afghanistan.
By Elizabeth Stewart

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