Wartime Magazine Issue 57

The secret war: stories on military intelligence

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  • The falling leaves of Tizak by Peter Pedersen. Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith talks about the action in Afghanistan.
  • A "most reliable" intelligence officer by Craig Wilcox. Should an intelligence officer have taken "Breaker" Morant's place in front of the firing squad?
  • Breaking and entering by Ian Pfennigwerth. Eric Nave led Australian code-breaking in the Second World War.
  • Listening to the enemy by John Blaxland. Signals intelligence played a key role in Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam.
  • "24 torpedo bombers headed yours" by Martin Hadlow. Coastwatchers proved vital in the defence of Australia
  • Giving the game away by Aaron Pegram. The German army learned a great deal from Australian prisoners captured on the Western Front.


  • Afghanistan 2009 by Nick Fletcher. The Australian War Memorial documents what our servicemen and women see every day.
  • Artist at war by Katherine Kovacic. Septimus Power's service came through his special skill in depicting horses in war.
  • Our first land army?  by David Crotty. The Women's Auxilliary Training League was a sqandered opportunity.
  • WATL certificate No. 3 by Georgina Fitzpatrick. One of the women who got their hands on the wheel.
  • Halfway to hell by Emma Campbell. A soldier's letters from Pozières touched a nerve.