• Supporting Gallipoli: Invention, nursing & generosity

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    • Friends, sisters and pioneers by Robyn Siers How women made their place in military nursing.
    • Portraits of angels by Alexandra Torrens. Nora Heyson painted nurses of a pioneer medevac unit.
    • "Any old place will do me after this" by Carlie Walker. The true grit of the nurses of Lemnos.
    • Portraits from Lemnos by Joanne Smedley. A trove of photographs reveals the personal stories of a field hospital.


    • The one day of the year by Samantha Grosser. The Dawn Service tradition.
    • Fall from the sky by Craig Wilcox. The truth behind The Great Escape author's own story.
    • Gallipoli: The first photo? by James Hurst. A web of stories surrounds the man who may have taken it.
    • The father of invention by Gary Traynor. In the trenches on Gallipoli, a new angle was needed.
    • A view to Gallipoli by Emma Campbell. A woman in Cairo left a record of the campaign.
    • A fund of comforts by Suzanne McWha. Billy cans and plum puddings sent as gifts to Gallipoli.
    • Fred Howard's War by Brian Tennyson. A story of derring-do in France raises questions about credibility.
    • Vignacourt by Peter Burness. An important behind-the-lines centre for Australian troops.
    • Writing to the finish by David Horner. The final chapter in the history of Australia's most contentious war.