Wartime Issue 6

Autumn 1999

  • From the Director
  • First through: the epic voyage of AE2 by Richard Pelvin.  
    While the ANZACs land on Gallipoli, a daring submarine penetrates the Dardanelles
  • The search for AE2 by Mark Spencer.  
    Underwater photographs of AE2 in its final resting place
  • The AE2 graves by Greg Swinden.  
    Crew members who died in Turkish captivity are buried in Baghdad
  • Sister in arms - ABC Documentary by Maria Chilcott.
  • The changing ways of the warrior: masculinity and Japanese soldier during the Second World War by Morris F. Low.  
  • Dying for the Emperor: PO Tsuzuku Masao and the midget submarine attacks by Meredith Patton.
  • Conflicted commemoration: Japanese museums remember the war by Peter Londey
  • Waterloo and Australia by Craig Wilcox.  
    The anniversary of the battle of Waterloo was once celebrated in Australia much as ANZAC Day is today. What was the significance of this distant victory to Austalians?
  • British - Australian officer-soldier relations in the Great War by G.D. Sheffield.
  • Taking time to look: Ken McFadyen, Vietnam War Official war artist by Simon Forrester.
  • The airman and the artist by Gillian Freeman.  
    An Australian airman of Bomber Command remembers Stella Bown, Second World official war artist
  • Know your warships! by R. Pelvin with G. Clewes and I. Hodges.  
    Education supplement
  • Plus regular features, including Reflections, Mail Call, and book reviews.