Wartime Magazine issue 60

Diggers of Vignacourt: Stories from the Western Front relating to the Thuillier photographic collection.

Wartime Magazine issue 60 front cover

  • Faces From France by Janda Gooding. Newly discovered images will go on display at the Memorial in November 2012.
  • The Padre and the Doctor by Lauren Hewitt. An unlikely friendship grew in time of war.
  • Letting Down Their Guard by Lauren Hewitt. Revealing moments away from the horrors of war.


  • From Daylesford to Villers-Bretonneux by Lachlan Grant. How the work of a Victorian artist reched a school in France.
  • Raid on the Twin Trenches by Michael Kelly. Meticulous planning led to a brilliant success.
  • The Wilmansrust Affair by Cameron Ross. How a disaster changed Australia's military laws.
  • The Cullen Brothers by Craig Wilcox. Six brothers went to war from 1939 to 1945; only four came home.
  • Hitler's Holiday Camps by Peter Monteath. Some prisoners of war were asked to join Nazi forces.
  • For King, Kaiser or Fuhrer? by Alexandra Ludewig. Loyalties in Ruhleben Camp were complicated.
  • The Sisterhood that Served by Emma Campbell. Women performed essential services in the Second World War.
  • An Opel from Tobruk to Canberra by Chris Goddard. In the late 1940s, the Australian War Memorial ran the most unusual staff car.
  • A Few Atomic Secrets by Tony Cunneen. The strange world of Communist interrogation in the Korean War.
  • Internet Research by Damien Madden and Craig Tibbitts. Learn about Australia's former soldiers by researching online.