Wartime Magazine issue 61

Summer 2013

Air warfare: stories exploring the use of aircraft in combat from 1915 to 1975

  • No Scruples by Richard Overy.
    Bomber Command and the German offensive: a difficult legacy.
  • The Bomb's Long Aftermath by Richard Frank.
    Some writers claim the Japanese were the victims - are the claims valid?
  • Berchtesgaden: The Last Raid by Lachlan Grant.
    Lancasters of No. 460 Squadron RAAF took part in a daylight raid on Hitler's Bavarian mountain retreat.
  • A Dangerous Occupation by Emma Campbell.
    Frank Ward took Bomber Command in his stride.
  • Searching Through the Ruins of War by Peter Burness.
    An Australian airman was sent to find relics in 1945.
  • Fighting The Last Enemy by Forbes Inglis.
    An Australian daredevil pilot became a hero in the Battle of Britain.
  • Fortunes of Flying by Andrew Arthy.
    The service of two Australian fighter pilots in No. 111 Squadron.
  • Air War Over the Dardanelles by Greg Gilbert.
    Air power was an integral part of the Gallipoli campaign.
  • Seeing Things by Brett Holman.
    Mystery aeroplanes caused a scare on the home front in 1918.
  • Hueys, Slicks, Albatross and Possum by Ashley Ekins and Libby Stewart.
    The ubiquitous helicopter in the Vietnam War.
  • Gallantry in Afghanistan by Aaron Pegram.
    The third Victoria Cross for Australia in Afghanistan is a first for the Royal Australian Regiment.
  • The World in Crisis: Eminent historians answer questions on issues facing the world at the outbreak of the Pacific war in 1941.

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