A memoral to Australia's service nurses Ita Buttrose
For 100 years, Australia's service nurses have been caring for our fighting men

"One vast Australian cemetery": the battle for Pozières G.D. Sheffield
July and August 1916 left Pozières ridge "more densely sown with Australian sacrifice than any other place on earth"

"If I die, at any rate I will have tried" Peter Londey
A young Australian’s journey to the heart of modern warfare

"The strain of watching": the origins of the Pozières diorama Anne-Marie Conde
The battle of Pozières helped inspire the creation of the Australian War Memorial - and of a haunting diorama in our galleries

A token of remembrance for the local heroes of north Borneo Richard Reid
Remembering the people of North Borneo who helped prisoners of the Japanese

Ruling off the ledger: Memorial to victims of Sandakan death marches Robert Pounds
New Memorials at Sandakan and Ranau

A unique record of Sandakan prisoner-of-war camp Richard Reid

A Waikato tour: Australia and New Zealand Wars, 1863-64 Mark Whitmore
The first overseas war in which Australians fought

Parliamentary inquiry reports on the loss of HMAS Sydney Richard Pelvin

Know your warships! Part 2 Richard Pelvin with G. Clewes and I. Hodges
Education supplement


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