Wartime magazine issue 70

Autumn 2015

Gallipoli - Marking the centenary edition

  • Gallipoli: A desperate measure by Robert O’Neill.
    Many of the problems on Gallipoli stemmed from Churchill’s decisions.
  • Most secret by Rhys Crawley.
    Was there allied intelligence for the Gallipoli expeditions?
  • An Australian command failure by Chris Roberts.
    The Anzac landing failed to seize opportunities.
  • New Zealanders on Gallipoli by Christopher Pugsley.
    Their contribution to fateful actions came at immense cost.
  • The Gallipoli defence by Harvey Broadbent.
    Turkish difficulties created opportunities that were missed by their enemy.
  • Assault at Cape Helles by Bryn Hammond.
    The British landings were also flawed.
  • The French landing at Kum Kale. A diversionary operation protected some British landings at Cape Helles.
  • Return to Gallipoli by Ken Inglis and Kate Ariotti.
    The veterans of 1915 went back as pilgrims in 1965.
  • Mortars on Gallipoli by Ashleigh Wadman.
    Simple weapons made a difference….for a time.
  • Thunderboxes & flies by Jennifer Selby.
    Sanitation on Gallipoli.
  • The other Gallipoli film by Daniel Eisenberg.
  • The last post by Meleah Hampton. Private Thomas Anderson Whyte 1886-1915.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters, and Memorial news.

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