Wartime magazine issue 71

Winter 2015

1945: Victory in Europe and the Pacific

  • Rethinking why the Allies won by Richard Overy.
    New research offers a range of new perspectives on this vital question.
  • Australia in the Second World War by Karl James.
    The great mobilisation helped shape the Australia we know today.
  • The Battle of Berlin by David Stahel.
    Hundreds of thousands died in the campaign that ended the war.
  • Forced marches, 1944-45 by Dianne Rutherford.
    With the Allies closing in on them, the Nazis forced their prisoners to flee from rescue.
  • Liberation of the camps by Debbie Lackerstein.
    What was found in European concentration camps stunned rescuers and the world.
  • Nightmares beyond atomic bombs by Richard Frank.
    Analysis of US plans shows that the end of the war could have been even more destructive.
  • “As British as Churchill” by James Curran.
    John Curtin sustained an imperial vision, even as he fought for Australia’s interests.
  • Australia’s campaigns in 1945 by Peter Dean.
    The final campaigns demonstrated tactical excellence in the service of strategic necessity.
  • The Changi complex by Lachlan Grant.
    Stories by prisoners of war in Changi provide unique insight in a new Memorial book.
  • No fresh water and no bridge by Claire Baddeley.
    Paintings recall life on the Bribie Island coastal defence station.
  • Witnessing captivity by Victoria Gwyn.
  • Operation Render Safe by Shane Casey.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters, and Memorial news.

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