The First Australian unit in the Boer War (0.43Mb PDF file) Craig Wilcox
One hundred years ago, an Australian unit found itself volunteered for service in South Africa

The Origins of the Boer War (0.20Mb PDF file) Craig Wilcox

The Blockhouse, El Alamein (0.65Mb PDF file) Mark Johnston
In the middle of the battle of El Alamein, an Egyptian railway workers' building became an oasis of humanity

Getting our knees brown: exploring the El Alamein battlefield (0.21Mb PDF file) Peter Stanley

Magnificent Menace: 88 mm guns and Australians at El Alamein (0.17Mb PDF file) Mark Johnston and David Pearson

Diana (0.06Mb PDF file) David Pearson

The great Harry Murray (0.30Mb PDF file) David Chalk
The most decorated WW1 infantryman of the British Empire was an Australian

Bendigo's original ANZAC (0.37Mb PDF file) Ross McMullin

Iso Rae in Etaples: another perspective of war (0.41Mb PDF file) Betty Snowden
An Australian women artist spent the First World War in France

Then and now: a camera on the Western Front (0.18Mb PDF file) Peter Burness

One Australian's grave on Gallipoli (0.09Mb PDF file) Ashley Ekins

The day the bombs fell (0.30Mb PDF file) Vanessa Crowdey
The first Japanese attack on Queensland

Public Enemy Number One - fifty years later (0.28Mb PDF file) Peter Edwards
The leader of the Malayan communists visits Australia

In Flanders fields (0.12Mb PDF file) Robert Pounds

The Ode - is it "condemn" or "contemn"? (0.06Mb PDF file) Robert Pounds

Photo essay: taking care of "George" (0.31Mb PDF file) David Crotty

Know your warships! Part 3 (0.16Mb PDF file) Richard Pelvin with Robert Barby

AWM news (0.07Mb PDF file)

Book review (0.06Mb PDF file)

Letters (0.05Mb PDF file)