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ID number ART41024
Title Romani
Collection Art
Object type Diorama
  • Anderson, Wallace (Artist);
  • McCubbin, Louis (Artist);
  • Modelling Sub-section, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne (Cast by);
Place made Australia: Victoria, Melbourne
Date made 1927-1929
Medium figures: dry colour on lead; backgrounds: synthetic polymer paint; modelling: dry colour on plaster over wood and wire armature; plaster Base repaired with fibreglass matting
Measurement Overall: 600 x 863 x 500 cm; height of largest figure: 52 cm; height of smallest figure: 18 cm


The sculptor Wallace Anderson was chosen to work on 'Romani' as he had been to the battlefields to collect information and had served in the First World War. The diorama shows the Australian counter attack against the Turkish forces on the long dune of Mount Meredith on 4 August 1916. It records a turning point in the operations of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force. The Turks were routed and as a result their advance through the Sinai towards the Suez Canal was checked. 'Romani' took over two years to complete, with Louis McCubbin painting the background and models. The figures were cast in 1930 - 1931. It was restored in 1971, with a new background by George Browning inserted obscuring the original McCubbin painting. It was again restored and repainted by George Browning, assisted by Rob Slater, in 1987.