This is a series of digitised documents from the Memorial's Private Records collection focusing on Remembrance Day.

Cablegram notifying the Australian Governor-General of the signing of the Armistice with Germany in November, 1918.

Text reads: " Governor General Melbourne Most urgent armistice signed 5 AM this morning Long"

AWM EXDOC 60 (360Kb PDF)


Wireless signal sent by 2nd Australian Division regarding the ceasefire 1918

Text reads: "Message from General Foch to Commander in Chief BEF reads Hostilities will cease on the whole front on the 11th November French Time 11 Oclock AAA. The Allied troops will not cross until further orders the line reached on that date at that time AAA. Signed Foch 6.35 am"

AWM EXDOC 176 (260Kb) PDF file


Souvenir map

This map shows the victorious allies’ occupation zones in Germany in the wake of the armistice of 1918. The explanation makes clear that Germany agreed to the armistice on 10 November, ending hostilities on the 11th.

Souvenir 18/3/4 (900Kb PDF File)

Memorial card issued by the United Returned Soldiers’ Fund

The above date of the agreement explains the memorial card issued by the United Returned Soldiers’ Fund shortly after the war, which gives 10 November as the date on which the war ended.

Souvenir 18/3/1 (130Kb PDF file)

Souvenir 18/3/1