Service Number: 469

Unit: Not applicable

Service: Australian Munitions Workers

Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918

Date of death: 30 January 1918

Place of death: United Kingdom

Cemetery or memorial details: North Sheen Cemetery, North Sheen, Richmond, United Kingdom

Location of the Commemorative Roll

The names of the people on the Commemorative Roll are in a book located in the Commemorative Area of the Australian War Memorial.

Map of Commemorative area showing the location of the Commemorative book

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The Commemorative Roll records the names of those Australians who died during or as a result of wars in which Australians served, but who were not serving in the Australian Armed Forces and therefore not eligible for inclusion on the Roll of Honour. It includes those Australians who died while members of Allied Forces, the Merchant Navy, philanthropic organisations attached to the forces, or as war correspondents or photographers.