VX289 (3/14) Rudolph Bierwirth, CBE, OBE

Date of birth1899-01-30 Adelaide, SA 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1915-02-18   
Other units  1915-02-18 - 1918-12-11  Royal Military College. 
Date commissioned  1918-12-12  Lieutenant. 
Other units  1920-06-01 - 1921-03-21  Area officers 43A. 
Other units  1920-10-01  Lieutenant, Staff Corps. 
Other units  1921-01-24 - 1921-03-29  Adjutant and Quartermaster 18th Light Horse Regiment. 
Other units  1921-05-01  Adjutant and Quartermaster 50th Battalion. 
Other units  1922-08-01  Area officers 50B. 
Other units  1924-11-27 - 1925-10-30  Brigade major 6th Brigade. 
Other units  1926-01-01  Adjutant and Quartermaster 6th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1926-12-12  Appointed captain. 
Other units  1933-07-01  Adjutant and Quartermaster 29/22nd Battalion. 
Other units  1935-02-01  Company commander & instructor Royal Military College. 
Other units  1936-01-15  Adjutant and Quartermaster 30th Battalion. 
Other units  1936-01-15 - 1936-04-25  Brigade major 8th Brigade. 
Other units  1936-09-28  General service officer Headquarters 3rd District Base. 
Date promoted  1937-01-01  Appointed major. 
Other units  1939-10-13  Seconded major 2/6th Battalion. 
Other units  1939-10-13 - 1940-05-26  Seconded deputy assistant adjutant and quartermaster general Headquarters Australian OS Base. 
Other units  1939-11-13  General service officer grade 2 Headquarters S Command. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1939-12-06  Enlisted in the 2nd AIF. 
Other  1940-02-14  Arrived Middle East. 
Other units  1940-03-15 - 1940-05-26  Course Middle East Staff School (#1 Junior War Staff). 
Other  1940-06-04  Arrived United Kingdom. 
Other units  1940-06-20  Deputy adjutant and quartermaster general Headquarters AIF United Kingdom. 
Other units  1940-06-26 - 1941-06-03  Lieutenant colonel and commanding officer 72nd (2/33rd) Battalion. 
Other units  1940-11-30 - 1941-03-10  Acting colonel command 25th Brigade. 
Other units  1941-06-03  Colonel and assistant adjutant and quarter master general 6th Division. 
Other  1941-08-23 - 1941-09-07  Course Middle East Staff School. 
Date of honour or award  1942-01-01  Officer of the Order of the British Empire 
Date returned to Australia  1942-03-16   
Other units  1942-04-22  Temporary brigadier in charge - Administration Northern Territory Force/Headquarters 12th Division. 
Other units  1943-02-21  Attached Land Headquarters 3. 
Other units  1943-04-06  Deputy adjutant quartermaster general Headquarters 3 Australian Corps. 
Date promoted  1943-05-15  Lieutenant colonel (Australian Staff Corps). 
Other  1943-06-14  Arrived New Guinea. 
Other units  1943-06-20  Deputy adjutant quartermaster general Headquarters 1 Australian Corps & New Guinea Force. 
Other units  1943-08-27  Deputy adjutant quartermaster general Headquarters 1 Australian Corps. 
Date returned to Australia  1943-10-14  Returned to Townsville. 
Other units  1944-01-24  Attached Land Headquarters 15. 
Other units  1944-03-30  Deputy adjutant quartermaster general Headquarters FAA. 
Date of honour or award  1944-05-31  Mention in Despatches. 
Other units  1944-08-18  Attached Advanced Land Headquarters 12. 
Other  1944-09-28  Arrived Lae. 
Date returned to Australia  1945-01-03  Returned to Townsville. 
Other  1945-01-13  Arrived Madang. 
Other  1945-04-02  Arrived Bougainville. 
Other  1945-04-04  Arrived Lae. 
Other units  1945-04-17  Brigadier in charge Administering Headquarters Queensland Lines of Communication Area. 
Other units  1945-05-17 - 1946-01-14  Deputy quartermaster general II, Movement and Transport, Headquarters AMF. 
Date returned to Australia  1945-05-20  Returned to Cairns. 
Other  1947-02-26  Special Duty in Europe 15. 
Other units  1947-06-17  Deputy quarter master general , Office of quarter master general , Headquarters. 
Date promoted  1949-01-01  Brigadier (Australian Staff Corps). 
Other  1949-01-11  Honourary aide de camp to the Governor General. 
Other  1950-07-19 - 1950-08-16  Quarter master general. 
Other units  1950-11-27  Seconded department of Defence as Def Rep United Kingdom. 
Date promoted  1950-11-28  Temporary major general. 
Date promoted  1952-03-17  Major general. 
Other units  1953-02-07  General officer commanding W Command and general officer commanding 5 Military District. 
Date promoted  1954-10-13  Temporary lieutenant general. 
Other units  1954-10-26 - 1956-06-30  Commander in Charge BCFK. 
Other  1956-08-02  Retired List. 
Date of death1993-11-27