NX12305 Colonel Robert William George Ogle, DSO

Date of birth1904-11-21 Waratah NSW 
Interwar Service 1  1920  SGT 1st Fd Company 
Date commissioned  1924-08-01   
Interwar Service 2  1924-08-01  lieutenant AE 
Interwar Service 3  1928-09-13  captain 
Interwar Service 4  1934-09-14  major 
Interwar Service 5  1937-06-17  2/34th battalion 
Interwar Service 6  1938-05-01  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 13th battalion 
Interwar Service 7  1938-05-16  course competant for PROM to lieutenant colonel 
Interwar Service 8  1939-04-06  Unattached List relinquished command temporary lieutenant colonel 
Career summary 1  1939-12-11  major 13th battalion 
Career summary 2  1939-12-11  seconded BMGO? Machine Gun Officer? Headquarters 14th Brigade 
Career summary 3  1940-03-27  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 4  1940-05-01  seconded major 2/17th battalion from 13th battalion 
Career summary 5  1940-08-29  TFD brigade major Headquarters 24th Brigade 
Career summary 6  1941-01-30  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 7  1941-06-13  lieutenant colonel commanding officer 2/15th battalion 
Appointment  1941-06-13 - 1942-09-02  Battalion: 2/15th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: brigade major 24th Brigade; Reason for end of appointment: wounded in action: Mine El Alamein 
Career summary 8  1941-08-22  medical (evac 2/4th AGH why?) 6 
Career summary 9  1941-12-31  Mention in Despatches 
Career summary 10  1942-06-09  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 13  1942-09-02  relinquished command 2/15th battalion 
Career summary 11  1942-09-02  wounded in action (multiple Shell/shrapnel wound (mine? fracture rt ankle) 
Career summary 15  1942-10-16  medical downgrade 'unfit for service' 
Career summary 16  1942-12-15  Mention in Despatches (Nov 41-Apr 42) 
Career summary 14  1943-01-09  Returned to Australia (Syd) (medevac) 
Career summary 17  1943-09-10  general service officer grade 1 (Trg) G Br, Adv Land Headquarters 
Career summary 18  1944-02-21  general service officer grade 1 (Operational Reports) Dir'e of Mil Operaptions, G Br, Adv Land Headquarters 
Career summary 19  1944-06-19 - 1944-07-18  attached Headquarters 9thDiv 
Career summary 20  1944-10-26  ED 
Career summary 21  1944-11-11  general service officer grade 1 (Training & Op Reports) Adv Land Headquarters 
Career summary 24  1945-09-26  Returned to Australia (Brisbane ) ex Morotai 
Career summary 25  1945-12-12  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 22  c 1945-06-18  arrived Lae 
wounded in action    Mine? El Alamien 2 Sep 42 
Citations 3    The operation, which was undertaken as a counter stroke to an enemy attack elsewhere , was most carefully and thoroughly planned and prepared by Lt.-Col. OGLE. 
Citations 5    recmd BRIG Windeyer 20th Bde EXT SHEET DN 27/42, LG Supp 35771/42 
WW2 Service 2    El Alamein 
Career summary 12    In carrier that ran over mine as battalion reached OBJ. 
Citations 2    'For his gallantry and skilful leadership during a raid which his Bn., supported by other arms, carried out against enemy positions on a feature near TEL EL EISA. 
Citations 4    It took the form of an attack just before dawn by which the enemy was completely surprised. Parts of his minefield were raised and passages made for our tanks to get through. Heavy casualties were inflicteddd on the enemy and more than one hundred German prisoners were taken. Early in the operation Lt.-Col. OGLE was himslef seriously wounded when the vehicle in which he was travelling ran on a mine. Notwithstanding his wounds, while waiting to be evacuatedd he gave orderrs to offrs with him about getting the tankss through the minefield and for the future conduct of the operation. Lt.-Col. OGLE who in this and other engagements, showed outstanding qualities of aggression and determination did much to inspire the troops under his command with resolutions and confidence.' 
Career summary 23    arrived Morotai ??? 
WW2 Service 1    Benghazi 
Date of death1981-01-28  

Served with 2/15 Infantry Battalion in North African campaign during Second World War.