SX9364 Mervyn Roderick Jeanes, DSO, MC

Date of birth1911-12-21 Adelaide SA 
Date commissioned  1934-02-27   
Interwar Service 1  1934-02-27  lieutenant 43/48th battalion 
Interwar Service 2  1939-07-01  43rd battalion 
Career summary 1  1940-02-08  temporary captain 43rd battalion 
Career summary 2  1940-07-22  TFD 2/43rd battalion as captain 
Career summary 3  1940-07-23  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 4  1941-02-02  arrived Middle East 
Career summary 5  1942-09-14  wounded in action (Shell/shrapnel wound lt thigh) 17 Jul 42 (returned to unit 
Career summary 8  1942-10-05 - 1943-01-10  temporary major commanding officer 24th Australian infantry training battalion 
Career summary 7  1942-10-14  Mention in Despatches 
Career summary 9  1943-01-10  relinquish temporary major & commanding officer 24th Australian infantry training battalion 
Career summary 10  1943-02-27  Returned to Australia (Syd) 
Career summary 11  1943-06-08  temporary major 
Career summary 12  1943-08-10  arrived Milne Bay 
Career summary 13  1944-01-31  Returned to Australia (T'Ville) ex Finschhafen 
Career summary 14  1944-02-17  major (bd 8 Jun 43) reported 
Career summary 15  1944-12-18 - 1945-01-21  course Land Headquarters Tactical School (senior Offr) # 15 
Career summary 16  1945-03-31  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 2/43rd battalion 
Appointment  1945-03-31 - 1945-12-16  Battalion: 2/43rd; Rank on appointment: temporary lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: 2/43rd battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -acting command: 24th Brigade 
Career summary 17  1945-04-16  arrived Morotai 
Career summary 19  1945-09-27  lieutenant colonel (bd 31 Mar 45) reported 
Career summary 21  1945-12-16  administering command 24th Brigade 
Career summary 20  1945-12-16  relinquished command 2/43rd battalion 
Career summary 22  1946-01-17  Returned to Australia (Bris) ex Labuan 
Career summary 23  1946-02-28  relinquish administering command 24th Brigadee 
Career summary 24  1946-03-20  Reserve of Officers 
Career summary 25  1946-10-16  ED 
Career summary 26  1947-04-11  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 18  c 1945-06-01  arrived British North Borneo 
WW2 Service 1    Benghazi 
Career summary 6    Military Cross 
Citations 3    Recom'd by: LTCOL W.J. Wain CO 2/43rd Bn 
WW2 Service 3    New Guinea 
WW2 Service 2    El Alamein 
Citations 2    'Capt. M.R. JEANES was the commander of a highly successful raid on enemy positions at 8883276, SOUTH of EL ALEMEIN [sic] on the night 7/8 July 42 which resulted in the complete destruction oof four enemy A Tk guns, one 75 or 105mm gun, six tractors one A Tk gun destroyed by the enemy three damaged British Tanks with haulage gear attached, the recapture of one British Bren carrier, and the caputre of nine prisoners of war, one Machine Gun, one Machine Pistol, besides inflicting some 40 casualties. Daring personal recces and careful organisation by Capt JEANES prior to the raid, contributed to its success, and th inspiration of his gallantry in the attack, which he led, and spurred on, was most marked. His coolness and leadership set a very hihg example to those under his command.' 
Citations 4    BRIG AHL Godfrey COMD 24th Bde 
Date of death1978-06-23  

Occupation: Inspector of Food & Drugs