NX92 William Blythe 'The Pampas Bull' Caldwell

Date of birth1914-03-26 Croydon NSW 
Interwar Service 1  1937-03-09  lieutenant 30th battalion 
Date commissioned  1937-03-09   
Interwar Service 2  1939-03-04  2/35th 
Interwar Service 3  1939-09-04  2nd battalion 
Career summary 1  1939-10-13  seconded as lieutenant 2/2nd battalion from 2nd battalion 
Career summary 2  1939-10-24  enlisted 2AIF 
Career summary 4  1940-01-08 - 1940-02-03  course Middle East Weapons Training School (Middle East Wpn Training Sch 
Career summary 5  1940-01-11  captain (bd 13 Oct 39) reported 
Career summary 6  1940-02-09  attached Leicester regiment 5 
Career summary 7  1940-11-10  course Middle East Tactical School ? Oct 
Career summary 8  1941-03-07  Military Cross 
Career summary 11  1941-11-20 - 1942-01-25  attached Headquarters 6thDivision 
Career summary 12  1942-03-27  arrived Ceylon 
Career summary 13  1942-06-24  attached 16th Brigade group Training School 2 
Career summary 14  1942-08-04  Returned to Australia (Melb) 
Career summary 15  1942-08-11  temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 5th battalion 
Appointment  1942-08-11 - 1942-11-05  Battalion: 5th; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: 2/2nd battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -infantry battalion (was 5th disbanded?) 
Career summary 17  1942-11-05  commanding officer (retain temporary lieutenant colonel) 14/32nd battalion 
Appointment  1942-11-05 - 1945-07-23  Battalion: 14/32nd; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: commanding officer 5th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command -BU ??? 
Career summary 20  1943-06-20  medical accidental knee injury 
Career summary 19  1943-07-01  arrived New Guinea 
Career summary 21  1944-06-23  Returned to Australia (Townsville ) ex Lae 
Career summary 22  1944-07-31  arrived New Guinea 
Career summary 23  1944-11-04  Arrived New Britain 
Career summary 24  1945-04-08  Returned to Australia (Bris) 
Career summary 25  1945-04-22 - 1945-06-03  course Land Headquarters Tactical School (senior Offrs) 
Career summary 26  1945-07-23  commanding officer NSW Lines of Communication Area lieutenantD 
Career summary 27  1945-11-29  relinquished command NSW Lines of Communication Area lieutenantD 
Career summary 28  1946-02-01  Reserve of Officers 
Citations 8  1946-02-21  Recmd by R.H. Sandover, COMD 6th Bde, CAG 
Career summary 29  1946-02-21  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order 
Career summary 30  1957-12-31  Officer of the Order of the British Empire 
Career summary 3  c 1940-01-08  arrived Middle East (AIF Adv Party) 
Career summary 9  c 1941-03-19  arrived Greece 
Career summary 10  c 1941-06-13  arrived Middle East ex Crete 
Career summary 18    course School of Artillery anti tank senior officers 8 Dec 42-21 Jan 43 (inc annual leave) 
WW2 Service 4    New Guinea 
WW2 Service 5    New Britain 
Citations 4    His coolness and courage under fire set a stirring example to the men under his command.' 
Citations 3    Despite the fact that the enemy were sniping vigourously Capt. CALDWELL went forward and formulated his plan for the attack from first hand information, enabling his Coy. eventually to capture the position which contained four 3" dual purpose A.A. Guns and sveral machine guns. 
Citations 7    'For consistently valuable services in connection with the first landing of Aust tps in JACQUINOT BAY and the subsequent advance into WIDE BAY. On Oct 44 this officer was in command of the initial landing of 14/32 Aust Inf Bn in NEW BRITAIN and played a leading part in the tactical and administrative planning for this operation. From then until the fall of KAMANDRAN in Feb 45 Lt-Col CALDWELL's Bn were the leading tps in 6 Aust Inf Bde's advance to TOL. The successful development of a series of bases along the coast owed much to his careful and detailed work. He commanded his Bn during the final assault on TOL-WAITAVALO and was responsible for the capture of SUGI MT, the loss of which finally broke the Japanese resistance in that area. His leadership throughout the whole operation was an inspiration to His Bn. H has commanded 14/32 Aust Inf Bn for nearly 2 1/2 years. He previously served with 2/2 Aust Inf Bn and was decorated for gallantry in GREECE.' 
Citations 2    'On the morning of the 4 Jan. 41 "A" Coy. was givent he task of capturing a gun position on the heights above LOWER BARDIA. 
WW2 Service 1    Bardia-Benghazi 
Citations 5    EXT Sheet DN 1/41 LG 35357/41 Recmd by LTCOL FO Chilton CO 2/2nd Bn 
Career summary 16    lieutenant colonel 1 Sep 42 (this appears to have been backdated though, because he is appointed to his next comd still as a temporary lieutenant colonel) 
Date of death1983-12-06  

Occupation: Assistant Valuer