SX1432 Lieutenant Colonel Lionel Gregory Bruer

Date of birth1895-02-22 Walkerville, SA 
Other  1910  Joined Naval Reserves. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1914-08-04 - 1914-09-10  Served as Ordinary Signalman in the Royal Australian Navy. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1914-09-11  Enlisted in the AIF, 5th Company, 16th Battalion. 
Date wounded  1915-05-02 - 1915-07-15  Wounded in action. 
Other  1915-08-18  Became sick, diagnosed with rheumatism. 
Date returned to Australia  1915-11-04   
Date of discharge  1916-02-27  Deemed medically unfit for duty. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1916-05-27  Again enlisted in the AIF, 50th Battalion. 
Other  1917-05-02  Arrived in the United Kingdom. 
Other  1917-05-13  Appointed acting corporal. 
Date commissioned  1917-11-03  Appointed second lieutenant. 
Other  1917-11-18  Arrived in France. 
Other units  1917-11-26  Appointed to the 16th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1918-11-06  Appointed lieutenant. 
Date returned to Australia  1919-06-06   
Date of discharge  1919-07-14  Demobilised. 
Other  1931-10-21  Appointed lieutenant in the Reserve of Officers. 
Other units  1932-01-07  43/48th Battalion. 
Other units  1932-03-31  Seconded staff captain 4th District Base. 
Other  1932-04-01  Transferred to Unattached List. 
Other units  1932-09-08  43/48th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1934-04-20  Appointed captain. 
Other  1937-01 - 1937-07  Seconded for the Coronation Contingent. 
Other units  1939-07-01  43rd Battalion. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1939-10-13  Seconded major and second in command of the 2/10th Battalion, Second Australian Infantry Force. 
Other  1940-06-18  Arrived in Scotland. 
Other  1941-07-25 - 1942-01-07  Appointed acting commanding officer of 2/10th Battalion. 
Other  1941-08-01 - 1942-01-07  Appointed commanding officer and temporary lieutenent colonel of 2/10th Battalion. 
Date promoted  1941-12-02  Appointed lieutenant colonel. 
Other  1942-01-03  Relinquished command 2/10th to return home, on compassionate grounds. 
Date returned to Australia  1942-03-28  Returned to Melbourne. 
Date of discharge  1943-04-28  Transferred to the Reserve of Officers. 
Date of death1972