Bristol Scout

The Bristol Scout was originally designed as a sports racer in 1913. It was one of the first aircraft employed by the Royal Flying Corps during the war. Originally unarmed, the Scout was later equipped with a variety of armaments, but it proved ineffective in aerial combat against custom-designed fighters. In the Australian Flying Corps, the scout was used principally as a trainer, but it was trialled for a brief period by 1 Squadron in Egypt.


Type:   Fighter
Entered service:   1913
Crew:   1
Wing span:   7.49 m
Length:   6.3 m
Weight (laden):   514 kg
Ceiling:   4,724 m (C Model)
Endurance:   2.5 hrs (C Model)
Speed:   149.2 km/h (C Model)
Armament:   No standard

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