Avro 504

Built by the firm A. V. Roe, the 504 was a two-seater multi-purpose biplane, first produced in 1913. Stable and easy to fly, the 504 was used by the Royal Flying Corps during the period 1914-15 in reconnaissance and light bombing roles. Its average performance meant that by 1915 it was obsolete as a front-line combat aircraft, but it was used subsequently as a very successful training aircraft.


Type:   Biplane elementary trainer
Entered service:   1913
Crew:   2
Wing span:   10.97 m
Length:   8.96 m
Weight (laden):   843 kg
Ceiling:   3,962 m (J Model)
5,791 m (K Model)
Endurance:   3 hrs
Speed:   164.1 km/h (J Model)
168.9 km/h (K Model)
Armament:   Nil

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