RE8 aircraft

Built in Britain by the Royal Aircraft Factory, the RE (Reconnaissance Experimental) 8 was a two-seater multi-purpose biplane with forward and rear-firing machine-guns. It was first introduced into Royal Flying Corps service during late 1916 and used in artillery observation and night bombing roles. The aircraft was nicknamed the "Harry Tate". More than 4,000 RE-8s were built during the course of the war.


Type:   Biplane reconnaissance aircraft
Entered service:   1916
Crew:   2
Wing span:   12.98 m
Length:   8.5 m
Weight (laden):   1,301 kg
Ceiling:   4,115 m
Endurance:   4.25 hrs
Speed:   164.1 km/h
Armament:   1 x .303-in Lewis machine-gun
1 x .303-in Vickers machine-gun
118 kg of bombs

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