9th Division

The 9th Australian Division was the fourth AIF division formed for service in the Second World War. Originally consisting of the two AIF Brigades serving in the United Kingdom during 1940 - the 18th and 25th - the division was reorganised in the Middle East in February 1941 to include the 24th, 26th and 28th Brigades. The 9th Division fought in four major campaigns during the Second World War - the Siege of Tobruk in 1941, the El Alamein battles in 1942, the Huon Peninsula operations in New Guinea in 1943, and the landings in British North Borneo in 1945. It was commanded, in succession by Major Generals Henry Wynter (October 1940 - February 1941), Leslie Morshead (February 1941 - March 1943) and George Wootten (March 1943 - October 1945).