On Anzac Day at 4.55pm a very special Last Post Ceremony was delivered by Sergeant Shelby Powell of the Royal Australian Air Force.

We remembered Private Thomas Anderson Whyte, 10th Battalion, AIF, First World War. His name is listed on the Roll of Honour, among almost 62,000 Australians who died while serving in the First World War.

Private Thomas Anderson Whyte gave his life for us, for our freedoms, and in the hope of a better world.

This is just one of the many stories of service and sacrifice told here at the Australian War Memorial. Proudly supported by the RSL & Services Clubs Association, RSL Victoria and RSL Queensland.


The Gallipoli landing

On the 25th of April, 1915 Australians landed at a small cove near Ari Burnu. What followed would be remembered by our nation forever.

Menin Gate at Midnight

Discover the inspiration behind one of the most moving and captivating paintings following the end of the First World War.

Australia and the Second World War

Marking the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War – and how it helped shape modern Australia.

Messages from the field

Hear from Australian servicemen and servicewomen currently serving overseas.

Anzac Day: 1916 to Present

A look back at the history of Anzac Day through the years and its dual nature as a day of mourning and a celebration of national pride.

Indigenous ANZACs

A look at the contributions of Indigenous servicemen and servicewomen from the Boer War through to today.

Dedication to duty above self

Highly skilled Australian nurses and medics can be found bravely accompanying every Australian military combat or peacekeeping deployment.


Commemorate this Anzac Day with modern variations on the classic Anzac Biscuit, Gunfire Breakfast and a Bully Beef toasted sandwich.

Australian Airmen of Bomber Command

A look back at the brave service and devastating sacrifice of the RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War

Anzac Day: The Iconic Veterans’ March

Discover where the iconic Anzac Day began, its history and the changing public opinion over the years that has seen it grow into the annual march we now know.

A Century of service

For more than 100 years, Australian men and women have served this nation in war, peacekeeping and humanitarian campaigns. These films provide a brief overview of the extraordinary service and sacrifice so many have bravely made.

In their words

Australians share their personal stories of service and sacrifice from the front line.


In the town of Muradup WA, Australia’s oldest monument commemorates the local football and cricket club members who served in the First or Second World War.

Places of Pride

Discover some of the thousands of war memorials from across Australia, and find out how you can contribute to the National Register of War Memorials.