What's New At the Memorial


  1. Pigeons in War

  2. Von Braun’s earlier space shots

    Von Braun had a dream to see humanity travel to space but to Hitler and his party, ‘wonder weapons’ such as the V2 could turn the tide and bring the allies to the bargaining table.

  3. Heth: an artist at war

    Norman Hetherington was best known as the man behind Mr Squiggle, the man from the moon, but before he made his name in television, he served as a corporal during the Second World War.

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Exhibitions & Events

  1. Epitaph

    Free performance
    Anzac Hall - 11:40am, 12:40pm and 1:40pm

  2. Australian Women’s Land Army

    Free curator talk
    Second World War Galleries, 12.30pm

  3. Story time

    Free activity for children
    Lower galleries, 10:30am

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