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Since 1985, the Australian War Memorial’s Summer Vacation Scholarship Scheme has given more than 90 young historians practical experience of working in a major historical institution. As part of their tenure, each scholar produces a research paper related to the topic they work on, be it an aspect of Australian military history, the Memorial’s collection, or developing an exhibition.

Research papers produced before 2010 are held in the Memorial’s Research Centre’s manuscript collection and details of them can be found via the collections search. Those produced from 2010 onwards are included here for public use. The opinions expressed in the papers are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian War Memorial.

The papers are free to be downloaded for your use. However, the Memorial retains copyright over the works, and if used for research purposes they must be appropriately cited. If you would like to cite the publication online, please create a link to it, not a local copy.

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These earlier summer scholar papers are available in the manuscript collection in the Memorial’s Research Centre.


  • Hutchinson, Margaret, “Love and war: war brides in the Australian experience”, MSS2080
  • Mayering, Isobel, “Victoria Crosses: the vagaries of valour”, MSS2095
  • Moss, Tristan, “Australian war crimes trials: atrocities against captured airmen of the RAAF”, MSS2074


  • Grant, Elspeth, “A is for animals temporary and travelling exhibition”, MSS2077
  • Imms, Rachel, “’Operation Darwin Assist’: the national response to Cyclone Tracy”, MSS2078
  • Ward, Meleah, “Australians and Americans on the Somme, 1918”, MSS2079


  • Coleman, Lachlan, “Shadow over the desert: the Australian Light Horse, Lawrence of Arabia and the fall of Damascus, 1 October 1918”, MSS2083
  • Crawley, Rhys, “Australian civilian voluntary organisations, 1939–1945”, MSS1824
  • Doyle, Kim,“’Everyone says we have done a good job’: interactions between Australian peacekeepers and locals” MSS2096


  • Meale, Katie, “Australia and the Cold War: 1949–1955”, MSS2086
  • Molkentin, Michael, “Training for war: the Third Division AIF at Lark Hill, 1916”, MSS2081
  • Whitehead, Sarah, “Play up, play up and play the game: Australian sport during the First and Second World Wars”, MSS2082


  • Linke, Chris, “Australian independent companies and commando squadrons”, MSS2085
  • Sharpe, Simone, “Australia’s involvement in D-Day: a web-based project”, MSS2084


  • Lu, Kelly, “Air attacks on Australia 1942–1943”, MSS1724
  • McMillan, Melissa, “Australian attitudes in Vietnam”, MSS2090
  • Provis, Peter, “Kokoda: track or trail?”, MSS2089


  • Crone, Rosalind, “In the hands of the Hun: Australian prisoners of the Germans in the Great War”, MSS2092
  • Murray, Caitlin, “Relationships behind the bamboo fence: Australian army nurses in a community of internees”, MSS2088


  • Dodsworth, Samantha, “Literature of the war in New Guinea”, MSS2069
  • Potter, Kate, “‘For you the war is over!’ Australian prisoners of the Germans in World War II”, MSS2087


  • Clifford, Darren, “Private victories: the Second Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen, 1901–1902”, MSS2091
  • Lehane, Richard, “Perceptions of disease and wounding in the South African War, 1899–1902”, MSS2093
  • Ramsey, Georgia, “Australians and black South Africans during the South African War, 1899–1902”, MSS2071
  • Sexton, David, “Tactics, wounds and weapons: a study of 1918”, MSS2094


  • Pryke, Olwen, “’With a camera and notebook’: the Military History Section 1940–1946”, MSS2066
  • Young, Catherine, “Beyond Federation: Australians forging their nation – the first twenty years, 1901–1921”, MSS2070


  • Hearder, Rosalind, “1918 on the web”, MSS2073
  • King, Kerry, “Images of Japan and the Japanese in Australian war art 1942–1952”, MSS2057
  • Murphy, Russell, “RAAF personalities”, MSS2072


  • Boin, Kathryn, “The massacres of 1942”, MSS2068
  • Curran, James, “Bradbury Aircraft Hall: the RAAF in Papua New Guinea and Dutch New Guinea 1944–45”, MSS2067
  • Pham, Phoung, “The Royal Australian Navy during the Pacific war”, MSS2058


  • Belfrage, Abigail, “Tea or coffee? Relations between Australians and American armed forces in Australia 1942–1945”, MSS2061
  • Campbell, Ian, “All in the same boat: the Australian Merchant Navy in the world wars”, MSS2060
  • Jenkins, Sascha, “Kokoda and nationalism”, MSS2059


  • Pratten, Garth, “Two seconds: the Australian militia experience 1941–1945”, MSS2063


  • Lobach, Jacqui, “Sinai–Palestine Gallery” MSS2062


  • Meagher, Lucinda,“’The Cindarella campaigns’: an investigation of Australian involvement in Bougainville 1944–1945”, MSS2064


  • Palmer, Carolyne, “The British Commonwealth Occupation Force: an Australian perspective”, MSS2065


  • Cooke, Simon and Fround, Anna, “The Australian War Records Section”, MSS1536


  • Crotty, David, “Women in war gallery: technological outline”, MSS2076


  • Chambers, Peter, “Historical outline for the naval history gallery”, MSS2075
  • Mrdak, Michael, “The Roll of Honour”, MSS1754
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