An education program in the galleries.

Schools & Teachers

Online resources and practical activities for all ages draw on the fascinating collection and personal stories of the Memorial. You'll also find information for school visits.

Memorial Boxes

Memorial Boxes

All ages can get their hands on history with these engaging outreach learning resources. Memorial Boxes are filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment, artefacts, and more.

Tri-service recruiting poster from the Second World War

Understanding Military Structure

Researching military history can require a working knowledge of the way that military units are structured. This guide will help you understand Australian military structure across different time periods.

Bofors gun position

Australian military history overview

Short chapters written by the Memorial's Military History Section that cover Australia's involvement in war, from the time of the first settlement at Sydney Cove in the 18th century to our peacekeeping roles under United Nations auspices and the First and Second Gulf Wars.

Understanding Military History

Understanding Military History

Here you'll find quick access to records from the Memorial's collection that are particularly useful for historical research. Official Histories, Unit Diaries and Naval Reports all contain valuable accounts of the service and sacrifice of Australian service personnel.