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Latest Blogs

  1. 'I think we may have found our man'

    02 July 2020

    The mystery surrounding the identity of an Australian soldier whose photograph was found in a trunk in Port Adelaide may have been solved.

  2. Debbie - A lot more than a truck

    01 July 2020

    The blast happened on Tuesday afternoon, 10 July 2012. Debbie, more formally known as Echo 21 Alpha, struck an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan’s Deh Rawud district in mid-2012.

  3. “Nothing but a notebook and a pencil”: War Correspondents in Korea

    01 July 2020

    As Australia committed the Royal Australian Navy, followed by the Royal Australian Air Force and the Australian Army, Australian newspapers moved to send correspondents to cover the Korean war.

  4. “I was a prisoner in North Korea”

    30 June 2020

    Private Donnelly was at the front of the patrol and closest to the new trench line, watching as a barrage of grenades flew over his head. Trying to identify the enemy’s position, made difficult by low visibility, Donnelly threw two grenades...

  5. 'It’s the dreadful moments … the terrible moments that you remember'

    29 June 2020

    Don Collins doesn’t like to talk about the war. A sergeant with the Second New Guinea Infantry Battalion, he was wounded in New Guinea and lost two of his mates within days of one another.

  6. Australian Warship Joins Chilean Navy

    25 June 2020

    After more than 25 years of service in the Royal Australian Navy, HMAS Newcastle was decommissioned one year ago - 30 June 2019.

  7. “Your son is alive and well”

    25 June 2020

    "Your son is alive and well" Pilot Officer Vance Drummond had been missing in action since early December 1951. In May 1953 his parents received a telegram confirming their son was a prisoner of war.

  8. Along parallel lines

    25 June 2020

    Two Australians played a vital role in saving South Korea at the outbreak of the Korean War.

  9. 'I can still visualise it now'

    25 June 2020

    Colonel Peter Scott is lucky to be alive. In October 1951, the 22-year-old Peter was an intelligence officer during the battle of Maryang San.

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