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Latest Blogs

  1. VP Day at the Australian War Memorial

    13 August 2020

    On 16 August 1945, a National Thanksgiving Service was held in front of the Australian War Memorial to mark Victory in the Pacific Day (VP Day). A reported crowd of 5000 people gathered to witness the ceremony and commemorate the end of the Second World War.

  2. 'It was just like winning the lottery'

    13 August 2020

     At 100 years of age, Cecil Fish still remembers the end of the Second World War as if it was yesterday.

  3. Recollections of Victory in the Pacific Day

    12 August 2020

    The following accounts from records held at the Australian War Memorial reveal how servicemen and servicewomen reacted to Victory in the Pacific (VP) Day.

  4. VP Day: A ceremony and a celebration

    10 August 2020

    These photographs donated by local newspapers of the day, official and amateur photographers a like, highlight how the everyday Australian took part in the numerous parades and ceremonies held around the Country on August 15th and 16th, 1945.

  5. 'I did what I had to do'

    10 August 2020

    John Ireland's first mission was almost his last.

  6. 'It was so secret they didn’t allow any of what we did to get out'

    09 August 2020

    Dixie Lee was 17 years old when he joined the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War. At 19, he joined the Allied Intelligence Bureau and volunteered as a Coastwatcher.

  7. Australians in the Atomic City – BCOF interactions in Hiroshima

    06 August 2020

    On 6 August 1945 the United States Army Air Force dropped the first atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan. The effects were devastating.

  8. 8 August 1918: The Black Day of the German Army

    05 August 2020

    On 8 August 1918 the Australian Corps attacked the German lines near Amiens in northern France. This day marked the beginning of the great Allied offensive that would ultimately lead to the end of the war.

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