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Latest Blogs

  1. AWM78s: The voyage

    16 April 2019

    AWM78 series contains the Reports and Proceedings created by units of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) between 1939 and 1993.

  2. Remembering Rwanda 25 years later

    08 April 2019

    “The world watched with horror as a tiny third world nation attempted to obliterate one race of its people.”

  3. A lifetime of service

    29 March 2019

    When George Paul enlisted in 1915, he claimed to be 48 years old; he was actually about 69, one of the oldest recruits to successfully enlist in the AIF during the First World War.

  4. For our Country

    27 March 2019

    Artist Daniel Boyd is passionate about his art and his culture.

  5. 'They were so brave'

    22 March 2019

    Val Lehman starred as “Queen” Bea Smith in the Australian television show Prisoner, but to the award-winning actress, her grandfather, James Holland, was a star. He fought on Gallipoli and the Western Front during the First World War and is one of the “Lost Diggers of Vignacourt”.

  6. Canberra’s first lady receives a makeover

    12 March 2019

    Sir Bertram Mackennal’s sculpture “War”, better known locally as “Bellona”, the Roman goddess of war, was gifted to the Australian Government in 1915 as a tribute to the Australians who fought at Gallipoli.

  7. 'The man who stopped the war'

    01 March 2019

    When Sergeant Edward McMahon played The Rosary on Gallipoli in August 1915, everyone stopped to listen.

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