Transcript of the AIF Order issued to create the ANZAC badge "A"

937. Badges – Gallipoli Service

The following Military Order, issued by the Department of Defence, Melbourne, is published for information:

"Members of the Australian Imperial Force who served on Gallipoli will be entitled to wear over their Unit "Colour Patches" on both sleeves of the Service Dress Jacket and Greatcoat the letter "A" as an indication that the wearer had taken part in the operations on the Gallipoli Peninsula."

The provisions of the above will apply in all units to all members of the Australian Imperial Force who come within the scope of the Order.

OC Units will indent on ADOS, Administrative Headquarters, AIF, 130 Horseferry Road, London, for necessary supplies.

(Authority: DAG, AIF, 15/86 of 29.10.17).


    • Australian Imperial Force Orders, 6 November 1917

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