Key to the design of the Battle of Britain lace curtain

The lace curtain is divided into three vertical columns and horizontal rows.

Column 1 [from top to bottom]

Harry Cross, Designer.

Badge of the New Zealand Royal Air Force with national fern leaf.

Tottering building in Queen Victoria Street (showing NFS firemen at work).

City Temple, Holborn in ruins.

The Old Bailey.

Buckingham Palace (showing damage to the gates). The Royal Coat of Arms is displayed on the portico.

Figure of fighter pilot standing by his aircraft.

Acorns, daffodil, shamrock


Column 2 [from top to bottom]

Delbeta Dobsons and M. Browne & Co. Ltd, Nottingham. England.

Badge of the Royal Canadian Air Force with maple leaf - the national flower and cap of the Royal Air Force with the national tudor rose.

The words - the Battle of Britain on a background of flames.

Spitfires, hurricanes, defiants, me.s, stukas and dorniers in combat.

Airmen "bailing out".

A typical country cottage with oak tree adjacent and an English mansion.

Thistle, shamrock and tudor rose.

St. Paul 's Cathedral surrounded by flames (The sculpture over the portico can be identified and the time by St. Paul 's clock is 19.25 hours).

[Words] Never was so much owed by so many to so few - Churchill.

RAF badge

Thistle, tudor rose, thistle.


Column 3 [from top to bottom]

J.W. Herod and W.J. Jackson, draughtsmen

Badge of the Royal Australian Air Force with wattle the national flower and badge of the South Africa Air Force (Lug-Mag) with protea - the national flower.

Bow church (through the window can be seen the dome and cross of St. Paul 's).

St Clement Danes (showing remaining walls).

Walls of the Guildhall

House of Commons showing damage (figures can be seen in the damaged porchway).

Thistle and shamrock and anti aircraft gun and searchlights in action.

Shamrock, daffodil, acorns.

The edging of the curtain is comprised of ripening ears of corn representing the season during which the Battle of Britain took place. Interwoven with these ears of corn are tudor roses, thistles, shamrock and oak leaves.

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