Australian prisoners of war: Second World War - prisoners in Europe

The Axis powers in Europe (Germany and Italy) captured 8,591 Australian personnel. In the Middle East campaigns of 1941-42, 7,116 AIF officers and men were taken prisoner.

In the North Africa campaign:

  • 1,941 Australians were captured.
  • During the siege of Tobruk, 467 were captured.
  • In 1942, during action in the Western Desert , 946 Australian were captured, including 489 members of the 2/28th Battalion taken prisoner in the attack on Ruin Ridge.
  • In Greece , 2,065 Australians were taken prisoner
  • In Crete 3,109 were taken prisoner. Of these, 242 died while prisoners of war.
  • Captives were moved to camps in Germany , Austria or Poland.
  • 1,476 RAAF personnel were captured and imprisoned.

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