Podcast & Oral Histories

To mark the 30th anniversary of the Gulf War  the Memorial will be sharing stories, photos and information about Australian service in the Gulf. The following are suggested podcasts, oral histories and news coverage about the Gulf War. 

Museum at Home Webinar

In this webinar, historian Dr Aaron Pegram explains Australia's involvement in the Gulf War and how the Australian War Memorial is collecting stories and items to display in its museum gallery spaces in the future.


Collected is a podcast series exploring the artefacts that make up the National Collection of the Australian War Memorial.

HMAS Brisbane was one of the first three major Australian war ships designed and built in the United States and the last steam powered ship in the Royal Australian Navy. After the destroyer was retired from service in 2003, its command and control centre, the bridge, was placed on display at the Memorial. Join Louise Maher on a tour of the bridge to learn about HMAS Brisbane’s role in the Vietnam and Gulf Wars.

Australian Naval History Podcast

The Australian Naval History Podcast explores naval history in Australia. Each week, historians & veterans discuss a different aspect of Australian naval history.

Australians at War Film and Sound Archive

In over 2000 interviews, this Archive encompasses our wartime history from the First World War to Afghanistan.  The Archive is an Australian Government initiative, commissioned through the Department of Veterans' Affairs. It is a unique, historical collection, a resource for everyone interested in Australia's wartime heritage. Below are some suggested interviews:

Gulf War news coverage 1991

Seven Network Australia

Seven Network Australia provided coverage of the 1991 Gulf War from 17 January. In this clip presenter Ross Symonds speaks with Derryn Hinch.

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