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Jebel Saba, near Nalin
ID numberART02698
Collection typeArt
TitleJebel Saba, near Nalin
Measurementframed: 29 x 37 cm; unframed 22.6 x 31 cm
Object typePainting
MakerLambert, George
Place madeOttoman Empire: Palestine
Date made21 February 1918
Physical descriptionoil on wood panel
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionDepicts no-mans lands at Jebel Saba near Nalin. Lambert made a brief visit to the front line which was then at Nalin in the Judean Hills south of Jerusalem. The 7th Light Horse occupied small fortified positions called 'sangars' in a rocky and inhospitable landscape. This is evidence that Lambert experienced the battles at close quarters, and it seems remarkable that he was able to complete these lively, revealing sketches under such circumstances. On the back of this work there is a study titled 'Camp follower' of a front view of the head and shoulders of an Arab youth wearing a circular cap, white shirt and brown jacket, with a landscape scene in the background.